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Who wants to hold my leash…?

*raises hand*

From . Love it! Love the piercings! Thank you for the submission!!!


Hello sexuals! I’ve missed you guys :*



May the Force be with you.


Topless Tuesday is Late night shoots with misanthropianarcissus

You should reblog these instead of non-consensual celebrity nudes.



Taken a few months back..Yeah I am iffy about posting these.. but it’s late at night so FUCK IT!

 NOT sorry for the geeky shit in the background it’s who I am and you can’t stop that.




And who might you be?


a series of unattractive faces 

aka me irl all the time

She’s so damn cute tho… 


Sagansuniverse being nerdy and showing off some of my Magic cards.


I’m actually in a really good mood so I’ll just leave this here.

Reminder that when you start a new blog you need to go into settings and turn on your “ask” feature. No one can talk to you or send you anything unless you talk to them first. Which can kinda suck. 

If you are on mobile I am unaware of a way to submit to blogs. A decent alternative is a the kik app. Kik is a simple messenger app that also allows you to send pics. Its best to be selective with who you share your kik handle with however as Im sure you’ve seen numerous anon morons whose only known means of conversation are

"got kik?" 

Thats it. Thats all they say. No, “hello.” No, “How are you?” No, “My you look lovely this evening. I hope life finds you well.” 

And if they do get your kik they proceed to send dick pics en masse because god knows no one else is looking at their dick. 

So if you want to submit pics to me through kik you can do so. But you must have an active tumblr with pics of you already on it to do so. There are already enough morons out there trying to pass off reddit pics as themselves.